Tuesday, 12 March 2013

7 Signs of High Blood Pressure that you should be aware of!

High blood pressure or hypertension is called the Silent Killer because of its nature. This health problem could cause fatal consequences like strokes and heart disease. Other ailments and diseases show distinctive symptoms, but high blood pressure cannot be detected easily. Many people are not even aware that they suffer from it, until this disorder reaches the last stages. The most common symptoms of this ailment are mentioned below. In case you experience these signs often, consult a doctor immediately for proper diagnosis.  

Hypertension and its Common Symptoms:

If you suffer from high blood pressure (pressure readings above 140/90), you may experience these symptoms:
·      Headaches: A headache is amongst the most frequent symptoms of hypertension. These are quite different from the usual headaches, however if you frequently experience headaches, possibilities are that you could suffer from hypertension.

·      Fatigue: Hypertension causes patients to feel fatigued often. This is probably because of the insufficient blood circulation to the different body parts. When people exert themselves, lack of blood circulation makes them tired faster.

·      Dizziness: With headaches, a patient even experiences dizziness. This occurs as a result of inadequate blood supply to the brain.

·      Blurred Vision: Symptoms of blood pressure are primarily known to arise in areas where greater pressure is exerted in blood vessels. Recurrent blurry vision is an indication that there might be a partial blockage within the blood vessels in the eyes.

·      Breathing Problems: Difficulty in breathing is the most obvious symptom and indicates that high blood pressure has reached an advanced stage.

·      Nausea: It is linked with dizziness and headaches. Dizziness and chronic headaches caused as a result of high blood pressure will frequently lead to nausea.

·      Irregular Heartbeats: Pounding sensations in the ears, neck and chest are the most obvious and severe of all these symptoms. This indicates that the problem is far advanced, and needs instant diagnosis as well as treatment.


A variety of drugs are known to treat high blood pressure successfully. Some medications that are used to treat this ailment are beta-blockers, alpha blockers, vasodilators and diuretics. But, any form of medication must be taken after obtaining a healthcare professional's prescription only.

Medicines like Zebeta are frequently prescribed for hypertension treatment, because of their effectiveness. Zebeta belongs to the category of drugs called beta-adrenergic receptors. This drug works to prevent neurotransmitters (the chemicals used by nerves to communicate) from binding to beta receptors in nerves. This helps the medicine decrease heart rate and even the force with which the heart contracts, thereby lowering blood pressure. But, Zebeta must be used only after seeking advice from a doctor.

High blood pressure is quite a severe health disorder and must be diagnosed and treated in time. In case these symptoms are overlooked, this condition will worsen and will eventually cause other health problems. Apart from the medicine prescribed by the medical practitioner, exercising often, eating a healthy diet and quitting smoking and alcohol also helps to keep pressure levels under check and helps one live a healthy lifestyle.

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